Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad 2016

Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Aruba Destination Wedding


While barefoot-on-the-beach ceremonies are an ever popular choice for wedding destinations abroad, remember that hidden coves, natural bridges, underwater reefs, and hilltop panoramas are among some of the more creative venues this island has to offer! Want to include some of Aruba’s local flair into your chapel ceremony? Request that church bells be rung to notify everyone in the vicinity that a wedding is taking place! Villagers will line the streets to celebrate and cheer on the bride and groom!
Look into: the summit of the Hooiberg and the Tunnel of Love

Bermuda Destination Wedding

Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Is Bermuda your final answer? Follow local tradition and tape a penny to the sole of your shoe for good luck and look into venues that have wedding band-like structures called moongates nearby; lore states that any couple who walks through a moongate after exchanging their vows will be blessed with lifelong happiness and good fortune! Staying at Tony Tucker’s Point? Plant the cedar sapling that served as your traditional wedding topper in the resort’s Wedding Grove!
Look into: the Palm Grove Gardens and the Unfinished Church

Jamaica Destination Wedding

Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Take the jungle path to an aisle on the beach, where you can say your vows and party to local reggae grooves! Follow the tradition of Jamaican brides before you and tuck several sweet basil leaves into your shoe for good luck. Take note that the first Sunday immediately following the wedding is your official ‘Turn Thanks Day’ – where newlywed couples and their wedding party go to the church where their wedding took place and attend service as a gesture of offering gratitude to God for the marriage.
Look into: Ocho Rios and Hummingbird Hall

Cayman Islands Destination Wedding

Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Whether you say “I do” on a stretch of snow white sand along the famed Seven Mile Beach or above the crystal clear water on the pier at the legendary Rum Point, you’ll never forget a wedding held in Mother Nature’s best kept secret! At the reception, take note of Cayman Island customs and remember that the groom is to open the first champagne bottle – but don’t let him lose that cork! It is tradition to keep the stopper for good luck and as memory of the day.
Look into: Pedro St. James and Kaibo Beach

Italy Destination Wedding

Top 5 Wedding Destinations Abroad

From the Tuscany hills and Amalfi Coast to a terrace in Italian Riviera, the “dolce vita” style of this ethereal country is the perfect place for a wedding. Imagine your ceremony held in the medieval towns of Chianti or in a gondola gliding through Venice; picture a a sunset service in Rome or saying your vows under the blue Mediterranean skies of Sorrento… Who can say no to the romance that is Italy? Keep with local customs and have your groom carry a piece of iron in his pocket for good luck and remember that it is considered bad luck for a bride to wear any gold on the day she is married until wedding rings are exchanged!

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