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Your Honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime. You want it to be unforgettable. What better spot than Italy, with its romance, magnificent scenery, cities filled with history and charm to make memories last forever.


Italy Honeymoons and Destination Weddings



Rome, the ancient city of ruins, the Sistine Chapel and of course, a city within a city, The Vatican. Filled with history at every turn, stroll the streets and piazzas and discover the wonder of the Colosseum, the Forum, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Sit at the beautiful outdoor cafes of the Piazza Navona and eat a chocolate Tartufo. And what’s a trip to Rome without stopping in the world famous boutiques and stores of the Via Veneto.

And after a fun-filled day of touring, enjoy a wonderful dinner at a local trattoria for pizza or pasta, and of course a glass of chianti!



Florence, the ultimate Renaissance city famed for its unparalleled art and architecture. One of the most important collections of paintings in the world is housed in Florence’s Ufizzi Gallery, with Boticelli’s Birth of Venus on display. And of course the most famous sculpture of all times, Michelangelo’s “The David” can be found at the Academy. This is truly an “art lovers haven”. And not to be missed of course is a stroll across the Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous and picturesque bridges ever built. And what would a trip to Florence be without a visit to its magnificent guilded Duomo and a walk up its tower for a simply superb view of the city and its surrounding coutryside.



What city conjures up more excitement and romance than Venice? It’s enough to just wander its narrow streets and charming bridges and canals to be transported back to another time and era. But you can’t miss the dramatically beautiful piazza, San Marco’s Square, where you will find outdoor cafes and orchestras playing classical music as you sip your Italian espresso. The romance of Venice will seduce even those on their 2nd honeymoon!

Lake Maggiore – Verona


Famous for its colours and its scents, Lake Maggiore offers the visitor a scenario whose beauty can be enjoyed all year; the famous islands of the Borromeo Gulf, a tiny and picturesque archipelago, seem to be painted in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

The Isola Bella with its Borromeo Palace (XVII century), surprises those arriving from the lake on account of its majestic and almost unreal baroque setting. Its park, a masterpiece of Italian style garden, is laid out on ten terraces that degrade down to the lake, while, today, the palace houses a picture gallery that may be visited from March to October.

The Isola dei Pescatori is a picturesque village, inhabited by a small community that still makes a living by fishing. A maze of alleys will lead the visitor to discover the typical restaurants and the traditional open air market.

The Isola Madre is a botanical garden on water, abounging in rare plants, exotic flowers and free-roaming animals, thanks to the favorable micro climate, create on the island the enchantment of a tropical green house.

Amalfi Coast


There is no more spectacular place on earth than the Amalfi Coast; its scenery is simply unrivaled, made up of quaint town after town, perched on hilltops and cliffs looking over the sparkling blue Mediterranean. Imagine sitting on your terrace, gazing out at the sea, with Capri in the distance, and Positano, the magical center of Amalfi down below.



Tuscany, the heart of Italy. It is known as the golden region, renowned for its cypress meadows, olive trees, vineyards and walled medieval villages. And of course for its tuscan cooking.

It has endless museums, cathedrals, historical buildings, streets, towns like Florence, Siena, Pisa and more. Tuscany, full of ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins. But one can not pass through this land without being aware of Medieval Tuscany. Still visible are the small walled towns which are a testimony to the Middle Ages just as much as its great cities. Castles, fortresses, watch-towers, and town walls appear everywhere; some are well preserved, others are in ruins.



The pleasures of landlocked Umbria are there to be enjoyed whether you are able to spend only a few days in the region or can manage a longer stay. Every locale is within 1 1/2 hours of Rome or Florence by rail or car, and the entire area is only 1/20th the size of Illinois. Umbria’s attractions are its landscape, history, art, simple but not hardy food, robust wines, and friendly people.

If you have interest in antiquities, you’ll be fascinated by the remarkable Etruscan remains in Perugia and elsewhere. There are also many Roman ruins, Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces, and splendid museums.

Another fascination is what may best be described as its spiritual atmosphere. St. Benedict was born in Norcia near Spoleto, and St. Francis in Assisi. The latter town is today a major religious shrine where all branches of the Franciscan Order and Poor Clares, the nuns’ community founded by St. Francis’s disciple St. Clare, have churches and convents.

Como – Lake Como


In the hilly regions of northeast Italy, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places on earth, naturally and aesthetically. Founded by Julius Caesar in 59 B.C., and still redolent of the influences of the great Roman Empire, the city of Como is a paradise of sculpture, art, and the architectural remnants of an elegant heyday of ancient civilization. The Plinys wrote philosophy here, and Wordsworth poetry.



Sicily is a land of breathtaking coasts and lush tropical greenery, of layered cultures, fallen empires and ancient myths and mystics. Magnificent Greek ruins – Agrigento, Siracusa, to name a few – beckon the classicist. Romantics are drawn to the medieval town of Erice, the center of the cult of Aphrodite long before the Romans worshiped Venus on the same spot. More a unique destination unto itself than a mere part of Italy, Sicily should be discovered on its own.

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