Island Hopping Honeymoons

Island Hopping Honeymoons

Island Hopping Honeymoons

Island Hopping Honeymoons

The sun heats up you to the bone as you lay beside each other drinking an extraordinary mixture of rum, juice and spices or herbs you’ll never be able to duplicate. This is a honeymoon holiday in the Caribbean isles, and it will change you permanently.

The Caribbean


An over 750,000 rectangle distance aqua blue sea in the southern aspect of the Sea Ocean, Southeast of California, north of Venezuela. Hundreds of isles and small atolls rise from the clear rich waters, creating the most ideal location for a newlywed couple to experience a completely soothing honeymoon holiday. The planning is over, the songs of the party have passed away; now the time is yours have fun with together, just the two of you, in heaven.

The U.S. Virgin Islands


These isles could be an excellent honeymoon location for those who are new to international travel. The three isles of St. Johnson, St. Croix and St. David are U.S. protectorates. The currency is the U.S. Dollar and English is verbal widely so traveling is created just a little easier. The isles, like most of the Caribbean, have a different lifestyle along with amazing seashores.



Very close to the Northern most Venezuela, The island of Aruba is a geographically exclusive and wonderful isle. From failing surf and strong northern coast, to its central bumpy wasteland marked with exotic and its relaxed white-colored seashores to the south, this formerly Dutch community is a fantastic position. Hardly 70 rectangle kilometers, this tiny heaven is well known for its kindness and actual elegance, in addition to scuba dive diving, boating and every seaside activity possible.



Made up of over 700 isles and more than 2000 atolls, the Bahamas Island includes over 100,000 rectangle kilometers. For decades, honeymooning partners have chosen the Bahamas not only for their actual elegance, but also for their vicinity to the landmass United States. Just a short flight from California to Nassau or Freeport reveals the gateways to a honeymoon holiday with every service possible. The powder-white beaches and skin blue h2o of the Bahamas will be in your mind’s eye permanently.



Who believes about the Caribbean without conjuring pictures of the welcoming Jamaican people, reggae songs and breathtaking exotic beaches? Long a well-known honeymoon location, Barbados is one of the most stunning and culturally different isles in the area. The isles merge the actual attractiveness of falls, jungles, waterways and seashores, with shopping, art and food of your goals. Remain at an all-inclusive hotel or strategy the trip of your choice.

St. Lucia


The exotic attractiveness of this lavish heaven will take your breath away. St. Lucia is known for its jungles and wonderful falls, in addition to the popular white-colored seashores and aqua blue sea. The island’s 100-year-old marketplace is a must-see during any visit. With world-class all-inclusive hotels and luxury hotels, St. Lucia is an ideal honeymoon location. If you appreciate scuba dive diving or scuba dive diving, this isle could be one of your top choices.



Trade gusts of wind once brought travelers, investors and cutthroat buccaneers to this ideal exotic isle with its strong, secure harbor. Now sailboats carry competition across its rich waters. These gusts of wind have always kept the island’s moisture low and temperature enjoyable, creating it a wonderful position for a soothing exotic honeymoon holiday. Once again we discuss the amazing seashores, the reefs coral reefs ideal for scuba dive diving and the warm sun… all common denominators of the Caribbean. Close by Barbuda is home to a fowl haven known throughout the area.


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