Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant


When it comes to travel, maximizing your valuable time is essential. This means every aspect of your journey should be tailored just for you. Whether helping you determine an idyllic locale and accommodations or arranging pursuits replete with personal touches, our unsurpassed travel experience gives us an eye for the exceptional. Discover how our personalized VIP services open doors, deliver authentic encounters and delight with benefits that fit YOU. Discover what you’ve been missing…

Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant

1. Every Trip, A Trip Of A Lifetime.
When you plan your travel with us, this is exactly what happens. In addition to our travel expertise, you are given access to a world of benefits unique to your needs. Our mission is to go beyond simply offering extraordinary amenities. We extend benefits that meet your aspirations, personality and tastes. That’s when benefits become benefits that fit you.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant
2. Anticipating Your Needs, Because We Care.
With the abundance of travel options available in today’s world, it is our first priority to understand your interests and how we can best serve you. We are here to listen and take the time to know you so we can arrange for every moment of your journey to be flawlessly tailored just for you. Whether that translates into delivering a special breakfast to your suite every morning or scheduling a behind-the-scenes tour of your favorite museum, we are here for you.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant
3.  VIP Experiences, Expert Craftsmanship. 
We have a finger on the pulse of the “latest and greatest.” Benefit from our insider connections. Land a coveted table at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo, enjoy front row seats at the Ballet de l’opéra National de Paris or view the splendor of the Amazonian rain-forest while staying in a private tree house. You will receive the most exclusive privileges and incredible access every step of the way.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant
4.  At Your Service, With You All The Way.
Because you know that someone is handling the details, you travel with confidence. We are always here to provide advice and support before, during and after your journey. This assurance provides you with the utmost flexibility, allowing you to change course on a whim while we handle all the details.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant
5. Luxury Stays, Seamless Arrangements.
We hand-select the world’s finest accommodations for our collection of over 800 of the most luxurious hotels, resorts and spas. Then the choice is yours, from a five-star cosmopolitan hotel to an intimate safari camp, we’ll help you find the hotel, room and special services that are right for you.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant
6. Above Expectation, Even At Sea Level.
Cruise vacations epitomize indulgence, which we underpin with exceptional extras and unique privileges. Imagine a private shore excursion with a driver awaiting you in port or an invitation to an exclusive on-board party. Prepaid gratuities, shipboard credits and hosted sailings are just a few of the exclusive extras you can expect as our privileged guest.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant
7. Plans for four. Plans for 40. Wedding? Plans for Anything.
Serving as your hub for organizing multifaceted forays, be it a destination wedding in Fiji, a family reunion in the Caribbean or a tour through Africa for ages spanning three generations, our expertise makes travel planning with family and friends fun for you and everyone.
Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Honeymoon Romance Consultant


Alaska Destination Wedding!


Alaska Destination Wedding!

Alaska Destination Wedding

From holding your ceremony at the quaint Chapel by the Lake overlooking a range of mountains and a glacier, to booking a tour ship and allowing wedding guests to have a wildlife-viewing experience during your vows, Alaskan destination weddings are simple, rustic, and eco-friendly!

Alaska Destination Wedding
Where else in the world can you capture your wedding bliss in full daylight…at midnight? Craving a bigger entrance than the traditional walk down the aisle to your groom? Have your Alaska destination wedding in Sitka or Juneau and surround yourself by sea otters, bald eagles, and whales as you arrive by seaplane or kayak!

Contact Honeymooniverse about your Alaska Destination Wedding


Hawaii Destination Wedding


Hawaii Destination Wedding

As the ceremony progresses, the bride and groom exchange leis as a symbol of their eternal love. Traditionally, this act is followed by the bride and groom’s parents presenting leis to the happy couple and the bride and groom responding in kind by presenting leis to their soon-to-be in-laws. As the Hawaiian wedding song (Ke Kali Nei Au – “Waiting for Thee”) is strummed out on the ukulele (and interpreted by hula dancers!), the kahu leads the couple in their wedding vows.

Hapuna Prince Beach Hotel, Hawaii - Couple @Pool

Before the exchanging of rings, the kahu dips a koa wooden bowl into the sea (koa wood, native to Hawaii, represents strength), and a ti leaf, which represents prosperity and health, is dipped into the water and sprinkled over the rings three times as the kahu recites a traditional chant. Once rings have been exchanged and vows said, a lava rock, symbolic of the moment you made a commitment to one another, is wrapped in a ti leaf and left at the ceremony site as an offering to commemorate your union.


Six spectacularly beautiful islands: Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai, and Lana’i, each offer breathtaking scenery, gorgeous white beaches, (near) perfect weather, and each showcase their own individual uniqueness that sets them apart from the next! Couples looking for a privacy and seclusion should look into Lana’i, while couple who need a nightly party scene should scope out Oahu! Need adventure in your life? Head straight to Kauai!

Maui, Hawaii, United States

To apply to wed on any island in Hawaii, you’ll need the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Proof of age (certified copy of birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license)
  • Divorce decree or spouse’s death certificate (if previously married)
  • Arrange for a licensed minister (this information is required on the marriage license application); for a list of licensed officiants, call the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau at: 808-924-0266.

The following will need to be done in person:

  • Bride and groom must appear together before a marriage license agent in Hawaii to apply for a marriage license
  • Provide the above listed proof of age documentation
  • Provide a complete marriage application (downloadable online)
  • Pay the $60 marriage license fee in cash at the time of the application

Once your application is approved, a marriage license will be issued on the spot! This license is valid for 30 days (including the day of issuance) and is good throughout the state of Hawaii – but only in Hawaii.

Mexico Destination Weddings


Mexico Destination Weddings

For more information about planning a Mexico destination wedding, read on at Visit Mexico!


Above Photo Credit to Delsol Photography

On the renowned Maroma beach in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, El Dorado Maroma, a beachfront resort by Karisma, provides a secluded, enchanting setting for those looking to escape. Amidst the gorgeous Caribbean surroundings, this intimate resort with just 74 suites, is perfect for romantic getaways, destination weddings, and sensational honeymoons.

Whether you plan for an beautiful outdoor wedding or an intimate wedding in our beachfront chapel, El Dorado Maroma can cater to all of your needs!


Above Photo Credit to Eldorado Spa Resorts

Just minutes from Playa del Carmen and the distinctive outdoor Playacar del Carmen restaurants, authentic Mexican shops, bars, and nightclubs of the Fifth Avenue is Playacar Palace. This intimate and luxurious ‘palace’ is an all-inclusive Playa del Carmen resort sitting on the white sand beach of the Caribbean Sea!


Above Photo Credit to Palace Resorts

Set on a flawlessly white beach in the sleepy coastal town of Puerto Morelos, the Ceiba del Mar looks like something out of a dream! Close enough to Cancun to enjoy the city’s shopping, dining, and partying opportunities, Puerto Morelos is also isolated enough to create the perfect tropical castaway feel for your dream honeymoon or destination wedding.

Hosting 49 suites, 32 deluxe rooms, and 7 penthouses to choose from -all with stunning views- Ceiba del Mar can create exactly the type of experience you are looking for!


Above Photo Credit to Riviera Maya Hotels

Beautiful destination wedding inspiration via gorgeous wedding photos in Mexico.


Above Photo Credit to Mikhail Glabets


Above Photo Credit to Mike Larson


Above Photo Credit to Serendipity Photography


Above Photo Credit Honeymoons.about


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Above Photo Credit to Kevin Weinstein


Above Photo Credit to Jessica Claire


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Destination Wedding Checklist 2016


Destination Wedding Checklist 2016

Well brides, that’s the sound my brain makes when I think of holding a destination wedding. Informally elegant, weddings held in far-off countries have a delicious sense of excitement and mystery. Not an easy option for last-minute brides, this is something you’ll need at least a year to pull together.

Destination Wedding Checklist-02

Twelve – Eighteen Months Before

  • Consider your wedding wants and needs while setting your budget. Are you looking to hold an intimate beach wedding with family and your closest friends or an over the top event at a 5-star resort with 400+ guests?
  • Now that you have your budget, set a date and pick an island! Once you have a location in sight, start looking at and calling through wedding sites and reception locations – keeping in mind the number of guests and level of formality – and find a hotel or resort nearby that offers everything you and your guests need. For local ideas, look into subscribing to a RSS feed or magazine that could help narrow decisions.
  • Using a wedding planner or travel agent? (Trust me, you’ll end up wishing you did…) This is the time to get in contact! Call through several to make sure your budget and styles mesh, this person is about to become your best friend and mentor. If you choose to hold your event at a high-scale resort, they often have wedding coordinators on staff.
  • Begin looking into marriage license requirements; this isn’t an area where you want any last-minute surprises! Contact the local city hall and get permission to be married in the location of your choosing. Some countries require blood tests, immunization certificates, or a doctor’s certificate in order for you to legally marry; find out as much as possible in advance so you have time to prepare. There may also be unexpected requirements, such as a specific waiting period, an established residency, or a certain number of witnesses. For more information concerning holding your wedding in another country, visit the US State Department at
  • Holding a Catholic ceremony? Talk with your local parish priest to get the paperwork started now…this can be quite the lengthy process.
  • Got your guest list? It’s time to send out your STD’s!
  • Start looking for your wedding dress and wedding party attire; consider dress length if holding an outdoor ceremony.
  • Reserve tents, tables, and chairs for an outdoor ceremony, but take note that you will not be able to secure an awning for a beach wedding without some type of flooring.
  • Honeymooning on another island? Lucky girl! Be sure to make flight, boat, or car rental reservations now along with your hotel or resort stay.

Destination Wedding Checklist-03

Eight – Twelve Months Before

  • Finalize all flight information and tickets; if working with a travel agent, ask that they  make arrangements for all guests and keep you informed along the way.
  • Begin the search for A+ vendors. For a traditional wedding, you will need a florist, musicians, photographer, videographer, baker, caterer, and officiant. Look for a traveling hairstylist and makeup artist who can come to you, and be sure to let your baker know if yours will be an outdoor wedding or not, as there are various types of frosting that don’t stand up to heat and humidity well. Arrange for signed contracts to be sent to you from all vendors.
  • Finalize your ceremony and reception details, and -if you haven’t already- wrap up the search for your gown, bridesmaid dresses, and groomsmen attire!
  • Place your order for wedding invitations.
  • Go wedding ring shopping! You can purchase rings locally, or for a special touch, have rings made in your destination country.
  • Create a wedding website to share updates and travel information and register traditionally or for a honeymoon gift registry.

Destination Wedding Checklist-04

Four – Eight Months Before

  • Got your wedding invitations in? Mail those puppies out with a RSVP!
  • Writing your own vows? Start now so you have plenty of time to find the perfect words to express your heart. Check with your officiant before you begin, though; while most allow personal vows, there are some who do not.
  • Oh, wedding shoes…after the dress, is there anything more fun to shop for? Take time with your bridesmaids to shop for shoes and other accessories.
  • Triple-check that your wedding party and other important guests have all travel arrangements completed.
  • Start jotting down ideas for activities pre/post wedding for your guests to enjoy. Consider cost and activity levels, or for added input, post as a question on your wedding website and let your guests chime in!

Destination Wedding Checklist-01

One – Four Month Before

  • Order bridesmaid gifts, gifts for your groom, and wedding favors. Giving out welcome bags to your guests? Start planning now! Water, sunscreen, snacks, detailed itineraries, and paper fans with your wedding program printed on the back, all make the list of adorable inserts for bags! Remember – everything can be personalized if you plan and order in advance!
  • Decided on activities? Make any reservations necessary.
  • If needed, make reservations for travel accommodations to and from the airport and wedding.

Destination Wedding Checklist-05

Two Weeks – One Month Before

  • Confirm all details with vendors and place contracts in a 3-ring binder to bring with you.
  • Assemble wedding favors and welcome bags; purchase items there as needed.
  • Call ahead to arrange with the airline for your dress and tux to travel with you. A little bit of sweet talking and you may be able to hang them in a locker in the front cabin!
  • Stock up your Kindle or buy any travel books you’d like to go over while in the air.
  • Buy an extra memory card or two for your camera; extra batteries are a given, yes?

Destination Wedding Checklist-06

You’ve Arrived!

  • Take a deep breath, enjoy the sites, and giggle over the fact that you’re about to walk down the aisle!
  • Apply for your marriage license and meet with your wedding planner, officiant, and any other vendor who want or need your input before the big day.
  • Scope  out your wedding location – this is the time to make sure everything is to your liking. Good to go? Give the address and directions to your wedding party and guests so everyone knows how to get there!
  • Distribute welcome bags to guest rooms. Are you excited yet?

Destination Wedding Checklist-07

Your Wedding Day

  • Relax and enjoy your day with those you love. Take a moment to grin ear-to-ear over your newly attained title!

Destination Wedding Checklist-08

You’re Home

  • Hold a  reception to celebrate with friends and family who weren’t able to make it to your ceremony.

Destination Wedding Checklist-09

Don’t leave home without…

  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!
  • Rings, if not made and purchased in your destination country
  • Seating cards and table numbers for the reception
  • Jewelry for you and your bridesmaids
  • A copy of your wedding vows, if personal
  • Any make-up, nail polish, or shampoo, that you can’t imagine living without
  • Daily medication or vitamins
  • 3-ring binder of contracts and phone numbers of your vendors
  • List of hotel addresses and phone numbers that your guests are staying at – if not all at the same place
  • Presents for your wedding party